your carbon footprint

In our daily lives, we all generate greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. Of these gases, carbon dioxide (CO2) together with methane are the ones that most affect this problem.

The reduction of emissions and the energy transition are important, but how do we contribute to cleaning what is already accumulated in the atmosphere? The best natural alternative is the absorption of CO2 through reforestation.

Offsetting your carbon footprint or that of your company to achieve neutral emissions and at the same time collaborate with the restoration of ecosystems is what we offer you with our projects.

Through our reforestation projects you can offset your carbon footprint in two ways:

What does the concept of carbon footprint mean?

Carbon footprint refers to the amount of GHG (greenhouse gases) that a person, organization, event or product directly or indirectly emits into the atmosphere. This amount is measured in tons of carbon dioxide (CO2). Basically, it means the amount of greenhouse gases we generate in our daily lives.