Agroforestry in Apuí


The mission of this project is to reforest 300 hectares by planting native species of trees and implementing agroforestry thus generating economic resources for local communities and avoiding further deforestation.


The municipality of Apuí is located in the south of the state of Amazonas in the area called the “arc of deforestation”, where the deforestation rate is one of the highest in the Amazon. This municipality is also home to the largest agricultural settlement in Latin America, the Juma River Settlement. Years ago, small farmer families had abandoned coffee production due to low productivity. Then, in 2012, in studies carried out by Idesam, it was discovered that the pods of abandoned coffee plantations had a higher quality than those that were still active since the shadow projected by the growth of the surrounding forest provided a greater benefit for coffee production.

In this way then, taking nature as inspiration and mentor, IDESAM created the Café em Agroflorestal project and today around 35 families are reaping the fruits of this alliance, with the launch of two products: Café Apuí Agroflorestal and Café Apuí Orgânico.

Objectives of this project:

  • CO2 absorption by the native species to be reforested.
  • Generation of economic resources for the families involved in the agroforestry implementation process.

Benefits obtained:

In addition to the environmental benefit and the performance as a CO2 sink that the reforestation of this area of the Amazon represents, it also generates an important increase in the income of local families involved in agroforestry.

Autochthonous species:

Coffea canephora; Theobroma cacao; Khaya ivorensis; Hymenaea courbaril; Copaifera langsdorffii; Carapa guianensis; Euterpe oleracea; Aspidosperma polyneuron; Xylopia aromatica; Inga edulis; Eugenia uniflora

Local Partner

IDESAM - Instituto de Conservação e Desenvolvimento Sustentável da Amazônia


2 people in the management team and 7 people who are part of the field team (coordination, management, technicians).

Number of Hectares to be reforested



CO2 absorption


Cost per tree



Cause of deforestation

Forest fire and need for grazing

*265 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) per hectare

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