Trees for Livelihoods and Prosperity


In collaboration with UPAMO (Union for Poverty Alleviation Management Organization), we have the mission in Kisii County to encourage and promote reforestation not only to mitigate climate change but also to generate benefits with social impact such as the fight against poverty.


In 2013, the non-profit organization, UPAMO (Union for Poverty Alleviation Management Organization), was created for the preservation of the environment, development of reforestation activities, and ecological agriculture as a strategy against poverty and generation of economic solutions for various local communities.

Regarding the mitigation of climate change, it is important to highlight the importance of this project executed by UPAMO about reversing the intense deforestation in the area and promoting reforestation for CO2 sequestration. The degradation of the ecosystem is due to several reasons, the most important are: the need for space for the development of agriculture and livestock, forest fires, coal burning, illegal logging for wood use, and overpopulation and growth of urbanizations.

The generation of seedlings is carried out by UPAMO in the three nurseries managed and maintained by its collaborators in conjunction with the local community. It is important to mention that one of our objectives is to increase the production of these seedlings since the production rate is currently relatively low.

- Fight against poverty through reforestation activities
- Development of ecological agriculture to generate economic resources
- Mitigation of climate change
- Reverse the deterioration of indigenous ecosystems

The project plants the following species:
Grevillea robusta, Podocarpus falcatus, Croton megalocarpus, Casuarina equisetifolia, Markhamia lutea, Prunus africana, Cordia africana, Avocado, Guava, Sesbania sesban, Moringa oleífera, Maesopsis eminii y Dendrocalamus giganteus (Giant Bamboo)

Local Partner

UPAMO (Union for Poverty Alleviation Management Organization)


Kennedy Gichaba


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Number of Hectares to be reforested



Cost per tree



Cause of deforestation

Agriculture and livestock, overpopulation, coal, forest fire, etc.

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Number of trees planted

400 x ha

Trees / Hectare

Planting density