Tudor Creek Mangrove Restoration


The mission of this project is to restore the mangrove population in Tudor Creek through the reforestation of 1,340 hectares in Mombasa County, Kenya, providing in the process, alternative sources of income for the local community while restoring coastal biodiversity.


This project consists of mangrove restoration in Tudor Creek carried out by members of the local community called Brain Youth Group in collaboration with the Kenya Forest Service. Using the Community Based Mangrove Ecological Restoration (CBEMR) approach, the area to be reforested is first identified and defined. Once the planting is done, continuous monitoring and follow-up are carried out using the CBEMR approach to achieve the highest survival rate until reaching the maturity phase.

Objectives of this project:

  • Fight against climate change by absorbing CO2 by indigenous mangrove species.
  • Help the local community by including women and youth.
  • Maximize the habitat of coastal flora and fauna.

The mangrove population provides an ideal habitat for the reproduction of a great diversity of species such as fish, shrimp, crabs, and different types of shellfish. Also, many species such as barracuda, tarpon, and snook find refuge among mangrove roots when young, then forage in seagrass beds as they grow and move to the open ocean as adults.

Benefits obtained:

  • Maximize the absorption of CO2 carried out by the different species of mangroves.
  • Various aids to the community of women and young people convened by BYG.
  • Restoration of indigenous coastal biodiversity

1,426 Ha of mangroves in Tudor Creek have been deforested. Some reasons for this are the growth of urbanization and various anthropogenic activities. The objective of Brain Youth Group is the planting of 14,000,000 mangroves and where to date around 900,000 have been planted with a survival rate of 87%.

Native species of mangroves:

Rhizophora mucronata, Ceriops tagal and Avicennia marina.

Brain youth Group is a community-based organization formed in 2011. BYG members come from the sub-town of Junda, in the Kisauni constituency, Mombasa County. The community is made up mostly of women and young people between the ages of 18 and 35. The volunteers of this organization work on tasks such as the collection of mangrove seeds for the nurseries, the reforestation of seedlings itself, and the very important task of raising awareness and educating the community, reaching schools to promote restoration, management, and maintenance of biodiversity.

Local Partner

Brain Youth Group


Mbaarak Abdalla


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Cause of deforestation

Urbanization, Pollution, Crops

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