Magila Nature Forest Reserve


Our mission in conjunction with Changamoto Youth Development Organization is to reforest 3,670 hectares in the Magila Nature Forest Reserve by including the youth community in all planting tasks and to plant 1.2 millon native trees.


The commitment of Changamoto Youth Development Organization to the reforestation of the Magila Nature Forest Reserve is not only to meet the goal of planting 1.2 millon native trees but also to restore a large part of the hectares already reforested with 70,100 trees that have burned due to a recent forest fire. About 75% of the restored area has burned, leading us to double our efforts together to achieve the restoration goals.

Objectives of this reforestation project:

  • Fight climate change by CO2 sequestration.
  • Restoration of indigenous biodiversity.
  • Help local communities by including youth and women.

About the team:

There are 58 casual workers and about 8 of them are women taking care of the nursery, there are also 50 people living adjacent to the Reserve helping as volunteers. They called them ‘Champions of nature’.

These are some of the indigenous trees which are being planted:

Rauvolvia Caffra, Markhamia lutea, Borassus aethiopum, Syzygium guineense, Newtonia buchanan, Bridelia micrantha, Maesa lanceolata, Strychnos spinosa, Ocotea Usambarensis, Rauvolfia oreogniton, Coffea congensis, Ficus thonningii, Psychotria goetzei, Polyscias stuhlmannii, Albizia gummifera y Albizia schimperiana.

The Magila Nature Forest Reserve is located in Tanzania, the Tanga region at Lushoto District Council. The reserve is also located at Kwemashai ward within Kwemashai village and Magila Hamlet.

Local Partner

Changamoto Youth Development Organization


Nurali Rashidi


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Forest fire and agricultural activity

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